What is Delfieart app?

DelfieArt (Double-View Selfie Art) is a new exciting selfie app for Live Camera Overlay. It is available on Google Play Store and is coming to iOS market very soon. DelfieArt is 100% Free App (with no Ads) which let you to create selfies that are novel, beautiful, artistic, easy to take, and easy to share on social media.

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Create Artistic Delfies

Combine your live selfie with an amazing photo you take, or an image that you already have to create your art.

Do Delfies with the Crowd

In a concert, stadium, parade, you name it: no need to turn back to take selfie, enjoy your view and take a Delfie.

Share Fun Delfies

Combine your live selfie with an Emoji to express and share your feelings with a 2moji :)

DelfieArt is a new kind of selfie app

You are able to overlay live selfie on a taken background photo, or any other photo on your phone. What DelfieArt does is unuique and make taking selfies more fun.

  • Novel Technology

    DelfieArt is based on novel idea with a simple User Interface. That is why you cannot do what DelfieArt does using other apps.

  • Stunning Selfies

    By DelfieArt you capture what you exactly want to be in your Selfie. Be unbound as your imagination to make magnificent selfies.

  • Live Camera Overlay

    Live Camera Overlay let you express your true feelings in a Double-View Selfie at any moment .

  • Super Fast

    Doing Delfie is incredibly easy and fast: Catch, Match, Make in a flash

  • Easy to share

    It is exteremly easy to share Delfies with your friends, using email, SMS, and social networks.

  • Colaborative Delfie

    Take a Delfie, pass it to a friend to add his/her selfie on top of your Delfie and pass to another friends to make Multi-Delfies .

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