Fun Samples

Below you can see a number of fune delfies everyone can create using DelfieArt app

Have Fun and Be Creative

Be cast of your favorite movie, Catch movie Screenshot, Match your Pose, Make your Fun Delfie
No need to be paparazzi any more, catch your TV screen to match with your celebrity
Try to Personalize an emoji by matching your expression
Try different zoom and rotation controls to match better in your custom emoji
Let's have fun, try your best to match the kiss with your Honey
Imagination Innovation; Catch your Favorite, Match your Face, Make your Art
Be part of any painting with matching your live gesture
Match her Captivating Gaze and Mysterious Smile
Reacting by your live feeling and Contributing to the content

Catch your pet's moments and make your Delfie:


Overlay your live selfie with your captured back camera or a selected picture