Perfect Double Lighting Delfie Samples

Below you can see a number of delfies taken with Percect Double Lighting

Enjoy any live action, use DelfieArt to Catch your view, Match your selfie, Make your art

Be creative; change the view angle of your back and front cameras while taking Delfie
DelfieArt makes your memories a piece of art by empowering light optimization separately for back and front cameras in the dark
We pause the world for you to find your best gesture with no rush
Round-Robin Delfie: take your Delfie, pass it to your friends by one touch. Ask them to do Delfie using your shared photo and pass it to other friends
No more back of the nearby crowd in your concert selfies, enjoy looking at stage while taking Delfie

Perfect Places to Use DelfieArt App, Watch it Now:


Overlay your live selfie with your captured back camera or a selected picture